Benoit, David

The Best of David Benoit

Skivbolag: GRP 98312
Inspelningsår: 1987-1995
Utgivningsår: 1995
Artnr: 505584

Pianisten/keyboardspelaren David Benoit hörs här i ett urval från sina GRP-skivor. Ensam eller tillsammans med andra musiker, allt noggrannt redovisat i konvolutet.
"One of the more popular performers in the idiom somewhat inaccurately called "contemporary jazz," David Benoit has mostly performed light melodic background music, what critic Alex Henderson has dubbed "new age with a beat." Benoit has done a few fine jazz projects (including a tribute to Bill Evans and a collaboration with Emily Remler) but most of his output for GRP has been aimed clearly at the charts..." (Scott Yanow,
Speltid ca 64 min.

  1. Drive time
  2. Every step of the way
  3. Cast your fate to the wind
  4. Searching for June
  5. M.W.A.
  6. Linus and Lucy
  7. Kei´s song
  8. The key to you
  9. Freedom at midnight
  10. Still standing
  11. Wailea
  12. Letter to Evan
  13. Urban daydreams
  14. Mediterranean nights


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