A country voyage

Skivbolag: KBOX3440
Inspelningsår: 1920-40-tal
Utgivningsår: 2005
Artnr: 519290

Inte precis dagsaktuell Nashville-country med stråkar och steel-guitar, utan snarare en tillbakablick på rötterna. Tidig country, bluegrass, western swing, countryblues osv med artister som Jimmy Rodgers, Kokomo Arnold, Milton Brown, Gene Autrey, The Monroe Brothers, John Hurt, Kentucky Ramblers, Sons of the Pioneers, Cliff Bruner, Bob Wills, Radio Cowboys, Henry Thomas, The Carter Family, Tex Ritter, Light Crust Doughboys och många fler. Tre CD-skivor i plastetuier, samlade i en pappkassett.
60 spår; speltid 55:24 + 52:57 + 55:24

  1. The Allen Brothers: Ain´t that skippin´ and flyin´
  2. Jimmy Rodgers: My little old home
  3. blue Kazee: The butcher´s boy
  4. G Wade & F Braswell: Think a little
  5. J Rodgers: Train whistle blues
  6. Clarence Ashley: The house carpenter
  7. Dave & Howard: Serves ´em fine
  8. Fort Worth Doughboys: Nancy Jane
  9. Alfred Karnes: We shall be reunited
  10. Fort Worth Doughboys: Sunbonnet Sue
  11. Kokomo Arnold: The twelves
  12. B F Shelton: Oh Molly dear
  13. W M Stepp & W Williams: Mud fence
  14. Milton Brown: Mama don´t allow it
  15. A Karnes: Where we´ll never grow old
  16. Gene Autrey: Ride ranger ride
  17. The Monroe Brothers: Sinner you better get ready
  18. Shelley Lee Alley: Women women women
  19. Joe Werner: Running around
  20. Claude Casey: Pine state honky tonk
  1. John Hurt: Frankie and Johnny
  2. J Rodgers: Lullaby yodel
  3. Jules Verne allen: The days of ´49
  4. J Rodgers: Treasures untold
  5. Grayson & Whitter: Tom Dooley
  6. Kentucky Ramblers: With my mother
  7. cliff Carlisle: Pan American man
  8. J Rodgers: My good gal´s gone
  9. W M Stepp & Mae Puckett: The old hen
  10. J Rodgers: No hard times
  11. G Autrey: Tunbling tumbleweeds
  12. M Brown: Taking off
  13. Lonnie Glosson: Lonnie´s fox chase
  14. Walker´s Corbin Ramblers: Ruffles and bustles
  15. Sons of the Pioneers: Song of the bandit
  16. W M Stepp: Silver strand
  17. G Autrey: Rhythm of the range
  18. Cliff Bruner: When you´re smiling
  19. Bob Wills: San Antonio rose
  20. Radio Cowboys: Mississippi muddle
  1. Henry Thomas: Old country stomp
  2. The Carter Family: Wildwood flower
  3. The Pickard Family: Get away from that window
  4. Sam McGee: Railroad blues
  5. Nelstone´s Hawaiians: Mobile country blues
  6. Walker´s Corbin Ramblers: Ned went a-fishin´
  7. Dave & Howard: My bones gonna rise again
  8. Jimmie Davis: Rockin´ blues
  9. Renfro Valley Boys: Who´s gonna shoe your pretty little feet
  10. Tex Ritter: Rye whiskey
  11. J Rodgers: Mississippi delta blues
  12. G Autrey: The yellow rose of Texas
  13. J Rodgers: Someshere down below
  14. B Wills: What´s the matter with the mill
  15. G Autrey: Take me back
  16. Ernest Phipps: Shine on me
  17. Rex Griffin: The last letter
  18. B Wills: Liza pull down the shades
  19. Light Crust Doughboys: Pussy pussy pussy
  20. The Shelton Brothers: On the owl hoot trail

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Pris: 120 kr

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